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Projektentwicklung-neuster Stand Netze

Dear all

the time is running:-) and my project developed in a bit different direction.

The Basics to work with the “Sicherheitsnetze” is still present,

but the idea with the stair to the sky, i had doubts about the contents…

With studying about the Idea, I thout that the Skystair is to illustrativ!

What is your opinion???

In the attachment is my state of the Projekt.

I want work with the material, how and what it is. The question why the Belalp do not want the Netze in the Summer…it`s not esthetic?…or the landscape is get worse?…is it beacause the tourist don`t want see it?….

All this questions are included in my project. I want give the way up there the face it is!! all the stuff, what the Belalp do for the tourists,  are to be shown!!!

I`m very glad about your answers 🙂

If you want give me a Feedback i`m very happy

greets Madlaina Fontana




Quick consultation on my project

Dear all

I am re-thinking the words that I will layout with stones by the lake. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. As a reminder: I want to make a kinky remark on the property situation on belalp.

Here go my favorites:


BeSeelt, Ur-urBeSeelt

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For Rent, For Sale

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