Quick consultation on my project

Dear all

I am re-thinking the words that I will layout with stones by the lake. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. As a reminder: I want to make a kinky remark on the property situation on belalp.

Here go my favorites:



BeSeelt, Ur-urBeSeelt

HIER ihre Anzeige

For Rent, For Sale

079 311 74 52 ( my own number)


Immerfrei, (Z)immer frei


6 thoughts on “Quick consultation on my project

  1. hannesbrunner says:

    In order to give you a feedback, I spontaneously make the following priority list:

    2. For Rent, For Sale
    3.Immerfrei, (Z)immer frei
    6.HIER ihre Anzeige
    7.BeSeelt, Ur-urBeSeelt
    8.079 311 74 52 ( my own number)

  2. allxherzog says:

    besetzt.ch – followed by your own number, but you will not sleep anymore so………..


    • hannesbrunner says:

      🙂 Alex’s suggestion makes sense, in case teh whole sentence will be laid out:

      BESETZT – 079 311 74 52 – BUT YOU WON’T SLEEP ANYMORE

      However you might not have enough stones up there? ._.

      • petrakoeh says:

        my favourites are

        1. besetzt! oder BESETZT (capital letters might be anyway easier to write with stones…)
        2. FOR RENT, FOR SALE

        if there ist something like “besetzt.ch” i (as a visitor) would expecte a site with this address. did you plan to program one? and what would be on it?

        the same with the telefonenumber, i think if you put your number, there should be a continuing idea what happens if people call, respectively what kind of service they (or you) get.

        looking forward to see how stones become a word


  3. Thank you all for your insight and reminding me that first-gut decisions are good and true.
    It seems that the winner is BESETZT!
    Keeping it raw and sincere.

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