Projektentwicklung-neuster Stand Netze

Dear all

the time is running:-) and my project developed in a bit different direction.

The Basics to work with the “Sicherheitsnetze” is still present,

but the idea with the stair to the sky, i had doubts about the contents…

With studying about the Idea, I thout that the Skystair is to illustrativ!

What is your opinion???

In the attachment is my state of the Projekt.

I want work with the material, how and what it is. The question why the Belalp do not want the Netze in the Summer…it`s not esthetic?…or the landscape is get worse?…is it beacause the tourist don`t want see it?….

All this questions are included in my project. I want give the way up there the face it is!! all the stuff, what the Belalp do for the tourists,  are to be shown!!!

I`m very glad about your answers 🙂

If you want give me a Feedback i`m very happy

greets Madlaina Fontana




One thought on “Projektentwicklung-neuster Stand Netze

  1. hannesbrunner says:

    Walking through a gallery of nets mounted on eye level I can imagine as great visuall solution. Hopefully this will be possible to be installed on both sides of the street! Let’s keep fingers crossed. Might be, the length of the nets should be determined? I guess the question of the assistance for installing should be clarified soon.

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