practical info

……some practical info – maximum windspeed on belalp can be 120-130 km/h while extreme weatherconditions

‘…….eure werke, mögen sie bestehen an den gestaden des meeres und in den weiten des offenen landes?’ walt whitman


cultural background

cultural background

Belalp on TV

DOK am Donnerstag, 03.11.2011, 20:05 Uhr auf SF1

Kopf und Kragen für tausend Schafe

Der lange Weg zurück aus der Walliser Wildnis


John Tyndall

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4.11.2011, LapTopRadio live at Corner College

LapTopRadio is a real nomadic radio: broadcasting irregularly on the internet with a most simple setting: a laptop with a modem connected to the mobile-phone network. If there is a mobile connection, they can broadcast. The old dream of independent pirate radio (but now on the internet) is coming true.
The broadcast “Fight The Power” will draw inspiration from the eponymous Public Enemy song that was broadcasted live and continuously in 1991 on one of Belgrade’s dissident radio station, B92.

This radio is a collective project, initiated by Laurent Schmid; it is linked to work.master,a MFA-studies programme at HEAD Genève, Geneva University of Art and Design.

Corner College is an open space for activities like workshops, discussions, lectures, screenings etc.
Corner College
Kochstrasse 1
CH-8004 Zürich

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test autor

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